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Wills are powerful, legally binding estate planning documents that can protect your loved ones and your assets after you pass away while ensuring that your final wishes are carried out. Whether you have a small or larger estate or you are relatively young or are older, devising a will now is critical for the future.

The practice crafts comprehensive wills (and other estate planning documents) to meet clients’ needs, financial situations and wishes. While clients can always rely on the firm to provide them with customized solutions and personalized representation, they can also count on the firm to provide them the highest quality legal services for all of their wills and estate planning needs.

The wills-based estate planning services are focused on understanding clients’ needs, minimizing the potential challenges they (and their loved ones) may face and maximizing the possible benefits of establishing a will for their estate.

As wills are only effective upon death, the firm assists clients by providing powers of attorney and advance directives for health care that would be useful during a client’s life in case of mental and/or physical disability.

More and more, elders and their families are painfully aware that the need for even a few months in a nursing home or other care facility could be a devastating financial setback.

People with very substantial assets can manage this cost — and those with very little money can often take advantage of state resources. Families whose circumstances land them somewhere in the very large “middle” of this equation need counsel on their options.

Our Long-Term Care Planning practice take a consistently practical, cost-effective approach to problems such as:

  • How to make sure you qualify for Georgia or North Carolina Medicaid should you need it to pay for nursing home care or other service
  • How best to protect assets to fulfill your needs beyond what Medicaid provides and still pass on as much as possible to your heirs
  • Whether insurance is within your means and likely to provide the security you are seeking
  • What types of trusts may be useful for maintaining control of your assets and property should a major health issue arise

The firm works with clients to customize trusts that fit their particular estate planning, tax planning and/or asset protection needs.

Trusts that are never grantor trusts

  • QTIP (qualified terminable interest property) trust
  • Credit shelter trust or bypass trust
  • Charitable remainder annuity trust (CRAT)
  • Charitable remainder unitrust (CRUT)
  • Charitable lead annuity trust
  • Charitable lead unitrust
  • Qualified Subchapter S Trust (QSST)
  • Offshore trust

Trusts that can be or usually are grantor trusts

  • Irrevocable life insurance trust (ILIT)
  • Generation skipping transfer trust (GSTT)
  • Qualified personal residence trust (QPRT)
  • Grantor retained annuity trust (GRAT)
  • Grantor retained unitrust (GRUT)
  • Intentionally defective irrevocable trust (IDIT)
  • Dynasty trust
  • Asset protection trust
  • Delaware incomplete non-grantor trust (DING)
  • Electing small business trust (ESBT)
  • First-Party Special Needs Trusts

Trusts that are totally disregarded for tax purposes

  • Revocable Living trust
  • IRA trust

Federal and State Taxation: Business and Personal

Advise business clients on:

  • Tax planning and problem solving for:
    • New and existing small and medium-sized businesses.
    • Tax-exempt organizations.
  • Executive compensation (deferred compensation, qualified and non-qualified stock option plans, stock bonus plans, stock appreciation rights and profits interests plans).
  • Employee benefits.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.

Trust and Estate Planning

The Firm has a considerable estate planning and estate administration practice to help our clients:

  • Take maximum advantage of available exemptions and exclusions, via gifts, asset transfers, or trusts.
  • Eliminate or minimize probate costs and estate tax liability.

Real Estate Transactions

Evaluate the tax consequences or provide tax planning for a particular transaction including:

  • Like-kind (Section 1031) exchanges.
  • The tax aspects and consequences of:
    • Residential deals and purchases.
    • Commercial sales and purchases.
    • Real estate financing.
  • Tax credit transactions

Tax Disputes, Controversies, and Litigation

If a client encounters a civil tax problem with the IRS, we can assist the client all the way through

  • Counseling them on IRS audits.
  • United States Tax Court litigation.

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