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While long-term nursing home care is expensive, Medicaid can help cover these costs if you qualify. Part of this qualification may hinge upon developing a proper estate plan,including a properly drafted Special Needs Trust or Supplemental Needs Trust, which can help you meet the requisite asset limits. Even if you are already in a nursing home, The Law Office of Keith R. Miles, LLC can help.

A single error in Medicaid planning can prove to be incredibly costly. If you fail to qualify, you may be forced to sell your home or use other hard-earned assets to cover the entire cost of your nursing home care. Moreover, the government can even seek reimbursement for any Medicaid benefits you received in error and pursue Medicaid Estate Recovery after death. Rest assured we will take the time to inform you of your options, answer your questions and help you take careful and proactive steps toward obtaining Medicaid benefits.

While Medicaid planning and related elder law matters are complex and present many challenges, we have the significant experience and in-depth knowledge needed to overcome those obstacles. Why lose assets and money? Why deplete your estate when there are legal methods available to allow Medicaid to cover some of the costs of your nursing home care?

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