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During your initial consultation, I will do my best to make sure that all your interests are protected, even some of which you may not be aware. What allows me to best determine that is the information in connection with the Client Forms on this page.

  1. Understanding Elder Law: As individuals move into retirement and old age, Elder Lawyers address the client’s need for 1) income during retirement, 2) financing the costs of health care after retirement, and 3) planning for the potential disability or incapacity of the client. To do so involves tools such as long-term care insurance, living wills, revocable living trusts, beneficiary designations, medical directives, powers of attorney, and assisted care facilities. These tools are the same tools utilize in estate planning generally, however, there is an emphasis on customized drafting to address the needs of the elderly and/or person with a disability. An elder lawyer’s tasks include planning for and promoting adequate acute and long-term care if the individual’s health declines; creating surrogate decision-making plans to protect the individual in the event of incapacity; ensuring optimal housing, including assisted or supportive housing; and preserving the value of the assets to the extent possible.
  2. Brochure: “Law Office of Keith R. Miles, LLC Firm Brochure”
  3. Life Resource Survey is a powerful planning tool that helps aging seniors prepare for their final years by managing those various resources available to them and their families. The survey will uncover and anticipate issues, monetary support, and services that most families are not aware of until after the fact when it could be too late to do anything to resolve a crisis. (NOTE: The email address needed with the hyperlink below is:
  4. Retirement Planning Survey is designed to help people who are anticipating retirement or who are recently retired to recognize and deal with a multitude of challenges they will face in their retirement years. This survey will identify issues (including future undesirable consequences) most retirees are not currently aware of but require prior planning to avoid. (NOTE: The email address needed with the hyperlink below is:
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