Dear Potential Client: 

During your initial consultation, I will do my best to make sure that all your interests are protected, even some of which you may not be aware. What allows me to best determine that is the information in connection with the Client Forms on this page.

  1. Questionnaire. The better information that I have from you the better I can help you plan effectively. I recognize that the information requested in this questionnaire is highly personal. Please be assured that all information provided shall be kept confidential in accordance with the attorney/client privilege as required by the Rules of Professional Conduct. The purpose of this questionnaire is to gain as much information to minimize time delays and to maximize the advice that I may give you during our initial consultation. 
  2. Conflict Waiver. Whenever representing a married couple, it is my ethical duty to inform you of the possibility that conflicts of interest may now exist or may come to exist at some time in the future as to your estate plans. In order to proceed with the planning process, it is necessary for me to obtain your written consent to represent both of you in implementing your plans.
  3. Insurance Referral Disclosure Form: Beyond the legal advice, there is an element of estate planning that can be significantly enhanced by the utilization of financial products such as: Life Insurance, Annuities and Long-Term Care Insurance. In order to make sure that I can provide more comprehensive estate planning and elder law services to my clients, I have obtained my Georgia Life and Health Insurance Agent licenses. To make sure clients (or potential clients) are provided with the proper insurance advice, I will decide whether to do the insurance analysis myself or whether I will refer the clients to an insurance adviser. The ethical rules of the Georgia Bar require a client disclosure form in these situations.
  4. Items Needed for Estate Planning Review: Much of Estate Planning is very fact specific. Questions cannot be accurately answered without knowing the specific details of a client’s situation. The documents requested help add to the information I have as an attorney to provide you with the proper answers.
  5. Services Offered: The firm offers the following services.
  6. Special Needs and Long-Term Care Planning Checklist: Highlighting Issues and Steps that may differ from Traditional Estate Planning.
  7. Price Schedule: A schedule of our prices for our Level I, II and III Planning Services.
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