Dear Potential Client: 

During your initial consultation, I will do my best to make sure that all your interests are protected, even some of which you may not be aware. 

  1. Brochure: “Law Office of Keith R. Miles, LLC Firm Brochure”
  2. Client Relations: Treating our Clients Properly and Finding the Proper Fit is very important to us.
  3. YourEfolio is specifically geared towards estate planning. The software is extensive and at the heart of the program is the Interactive Estate Planning Module (iEPM). The iEPM has some of the following features:
    • Incorporating an avatar into the intake process;
    • Assembling a detailed estate planning summary report for clients to help review that all assets are captured;
    • Projecting estate tax liability with a tax tool showing the potential effects of estate taxes after death;
    • Providing manually customizable flowcharts which allow for the creation of graphic illustrations for clients to show them the effects of proposed strategies.
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