I need to pay for Long-Term Care. How do I protect my life savings?
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Long-Term Care Planning

The need for even a few months in a nursing home or other care facility could be a devastating financial setback.

Handling Georgia and North Carolina matters

Wills and Trusts

Wills execute your final wishes after you pass away. However, Trusts can be used both during and after your lifetime for Asset Protection, Tax Planning and Distribution Planning.

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Special Needs Planning

Advice for families with adult and minor children with disabilities focused on protecting government benefits and enhancing quality of life

Meet Keith R. Miles

Keith R. Miles, Esq.

Keith R. Miles, Esq.

Mr. Miles comes to the fields of Estate Planning and Elder Law from deep personal experiences which affected him deeply.

He began in the tax field until 2009 when his first wife passed away from pancreatic cancer. That experience caused a shift in his practice focus over to Estate Planning.

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